Ray Rig Pro
  • Ray Rig Pro

    We are proud to present the next evolution, The Ray Rig Pro. The crew at Ascending Works took the original Ray Rig back to the drawing board and designed a stronger, more versatile rigging hitch mount that pairs perfectly with our Killshock. Now featuring ¼-20 + 3/8-16 accessory mounts, different length adjustment, and a universal cheeseplate, The Ray Rig Pro is ready not only for vehicle rigging, but for any sceneio. Adapt the rig to cheeseboros, speedrail, or anything you have in mind with the new universal cheese plate. Need more onboard power or a cool bts photo? With the tapped top side, you can now put anything from a vlock plate to a noga arm + gopro right on topside of the rig.
    We took the hard work out and are including The Ray Rig Pro in our EZ Bundle. Available now in our webstore!
    Rigging made easy.


    Comes with:

    RR Adapter Plate

    Mitchel Wrench

    Anti Rattle Plate

    Hitch Pin